Coastal Douglas Fir (2014)

Synthwave, experimental, progressive house

ShaYne’s 3rd EP built upon the new ideas and aesthetics introduced with “The Hero.” It included all his previously explored styles: synthwave, experimental (with some new dubstep thrown in), and progressive house. Featuring a variety of analog and digital synthesizers with custom sound design, you’ll hear sounds on this recording you won’t hear anywhere else!

Track listing:

  1. Coastal Douglas Fir 4:39
  2. Stone Ground Melody 3:33
  3. Hit It High Hit It Low 5:54
  4. Count Infinity 7:49

Equipment used:

  • monophonic modular synthesizer
  • Dave Smith Instruments Tetra 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer
  • Roland Alpha Juno-2 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer
  • Roland Juno-106 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer
  • Ibanez AP-7 phasers
  • Dunlop Carbon Copy delay

  • Cakewalk Sonar X2 DAW
  • Native Instruments FM8
  • Native Instruments Battery
  • Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Cakewalk Rapture
  • Cakewalk Z3TA 2+
  • Cakewalk Dimension Pro
  • CWITec TX16Wx sampler (featuring custom analog-synth sample libraries and pan flute made by Sonic|Core SixString)
  • Limiter No6 VST mastering limiter
  • Togu Audio Line Chorus-60
  • Tone2 BiFilter
  • Many other VST plugins

All tracks composed, mixed, and mastered with Cakewalk Sonar X2 at Blazing Edge Studio, Santa Rosa, CA, USA. All music, sound engineering, and artwork by ShaYne for Blazing Edge Productions. Copyright © 2014 Blazing Edge Productions.


High-Definition Progressive Wave