The Opposite Way (2003)

ShaYne’s debut album: Electronica, Celtic Music, Early Music, New Age, and Jazz

Breaking new ground in the Electronic Music genre, ShaYne’s debut solo album, The Opposite Way, is comprised of ten original compositions performed on an array of virtual analog, FM, and sample-based synthesizers, along with acoustic instruments such as Celtic harp and recorder. Though exhibiting influences ranging from Celtic Music, Early Music, New Age, Progressive Rock, and even Jazz, The Opposite Way maintains a feeling of unity that is one of the hallmarks of ShaYne’s characteristic style.

Track listing:

  1. Leading Direction 7:54
  2. Island Oasis 3:23
  3. Forlorna 4:53
  4. Waterdome 4:29
  5. Sagebrush 5:49
  6. Waterdome Grove 4:28
  7. Air Castle 7:52
  8. Juniper Forest 3:41
  9. Silver Waterfall 30:51
  10. The Opposite Way 6:30


High-Definition Progressive Wave